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Alfred Kabbie & Dauda Blaq Declare for APC Diaspora Executive Positions 

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In a top notch ceremony held in the United States of America, Alfred Kabbie Sesay and Dauda Blaq Kamara on Saturday 19th November 2022, have declared their candidacy for the APC Diaspora Executive positions.

 Mr. Alfred Kabbie Sesay declared his candidacy for the APC Diaspora Regional Chairman and Dauda Blaq Kamara also declared for the APC Regional Organizing Secretary.

In his statement, Mr. Alfred Kabbie Sesay told the gathering that he is vying for the Diaspora Regional Chairman to change lives, adding that, politics is not only about exercising powers on people  but to change the lives of others. He assured the gathering that he will embrace everyone to promote the ideologies of the APC party. He further informed the gathering that he is not entering into politics to make money but to change lives, stating further that, he has lectured and served in senior executive positions for several years in the United States of America. He informed the gathering that he has lectured Mathematics, Statistics and Microeconomics at the Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone.

“I am not new in the APC party,” he told the gathering, adding that, he has served as a Secretary of the APC party in Washington Chapter for four consecutive years and Vice President for seven years. Mr. Sesay went on to say that he has a great in supporting humanitarian projects in Sierra Leone and other parts of the world.  

“I am running for the Diaspora Regional Chairman to make a difference in the APC party,” he declared, adding that, if elected, he will go heaven and earth to establish a Diaspora Secondary or Primary School in Sierra Leone.  He went further to say that, he will also establish a maternal unit for all pregnant women. He further noted that Sierra Leone is among the worst countries where pregnant women died during child birth. He assured that he will also support the main opposition APC party to win the forthcoming 2023 Presidential Elections. Mr. Alfred Kabbie added that, he will bring a new life to the Diaspora by working collaboratively with members of his administration and all Diasporas to make the region great again. Alfred Kabbie Sesay is an administrator by career and a philanthropist. He has sponsored many roads construction and pipe borne water projects. The APC Diaspora will be blessed to have Alfred Kabbie Sesay as their Regional Chairman.

On his part, Dauda Blaq Kamara, son of the late Themne Tribal Head that met his untimely death in 1998 for mainly supporting the APC party. He expressed that he joined the politics of the country to continue the legacy of his late father in the APC party.  

He continued by thanking members of his family for supporting his political ambition. He further stated that, the love and passion he has for the APC party has prompted him to embark on several developmental activities in Sierra Leone, adding that, he has constructed roads, provided miller tanks for communities that faced serious challenges with water facilities, provided scholarships to deprived children, supported schools with furniture and organized syndicate for pupils that have taken public exams in Sierra Leone.

He explained that he is vying for the Regional Organizing Secretary to champion activities in the interest of the APC party and promote the interest of all Diasporas in the United States of America, Australia, England, Canada and other places.  He thanked the various branch chairman for gracing the ceremony.  He also thanked the former President Ernest Bai Koroma, Alhaji Minkailu Mansaray and other stakeholders in the APC party for the trust they bestowed on them.

“We are aware that lots of mistakes have happened in the past but we are vying for the Regional Organizing Secretary race to correct them,” he assured, adding that, he is passionate about sustaining the Diasporas activities of the APC party so that they can serve as a force to reckon with. Mr. Dauda Blaq Kamara further expressed that every day he has been engaging members of the Diasporas to help the APC party back home.

“I have been targeted by the SLPP party; mainly because I am APC,” he disclosed, stating further that, he is not afraid because he knows that he is pursuing a genuine cause to for his political party. In the midst of the threats and intimidation, he said that he sacrificed and come back home to support the APC party in the capacity as party agent in Koya, informing the gathering that, this is how we have been sacrificed for the APC party. He continued by stating that he was part of those that advocated for the number of Diasporas to be increased in NAC, which he said, is the highest decision making body of the APC party. He expressed that, members of the Diasporas need leader like him that can sacrifice for them.

“In emergency situation, that person should be able to represent us well,” he said, adding that, leaders that have the courage to spend their resources without counting on their members. Recently, during the just concluded registration process, he said that he supported the APC party with finance, donated three hundred megaphones and we mobilize people to register.

“It is not money that we have,” he noted, adding that, it is the love for the APC party that has prompted him to support the APC party in thick and thin. He further informed the gathering that he believes in giving back to the APC party in serving as a motivating factors to others. Due to the love for the APC party, he said that, he has embarked on several developmental activities back home. He emphasized that he is not doing it because of Dauda Blaq but because of the APC party. He stated that he is also giving support to lots of APC members.  He called on members of the APC party to continue to mourn and pray for the late Evangelist Samson, who he described as a loyalist of the APC party.

 “I am humble to stand before you all and declare my intention for the APC Regional Organizing Secretary in the Diaspora,” he said, adding by appealing to all to vote for him so that they can represent well the interest of the APC party in the Diaspora. He further stated that he is aware that the job is a tough one but he is able to handle it. He recalled that in 2018, he performs functions that are analogue to the work of Regional Organizing Secretary, which he said, was performed well. He called on the gathering to vote for him so that they can work in the interest of the APC party well.

After this inspiring message, the APC members in the Diaspora have showered their support for both Alfred Kabbie Sesay and Dauda Blaq Kamara to run the affairs of the APC Diaspora Regional Executive.


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