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The outbreak of the Corona Virus pandemic in Sierra Leone has disrupted the revitalization of socio-economic sectors which have been showing signs of improvement since His Excellency, Rtd. Brig. Dr. Julius Maada Bio took over the reins of power in April 2018. 

Upon assumption of the reins of power in the second quarter of 2018, President Bio courageously introduced the Free Quality School Education (FQSE), set the pace to mechanize agriculture, repealed the orthodox Criminal Libel Law, introduced the Gender Equity and Women’s Empowerment (GEWE) policy with strict protection of our girls, among others. The country was moving in the right direction when it was hit in March 2020 by the Global Pandemic. 

The emergence of the third wave of the Corona Virus in Sierra Leone is militating against the enhancement and realization of the President’s developmental aspirations.  

It is therefore imperative to note that the extra ordinary measures embarked on by our President are meant to protect Sierra Leone and not to provoke any section of this beloved country. 

My President is a respecter of Religions. Being a Christian with a Muslim wife is a demonstration his religious tolerance. Besides, President Bio has worked assiduously to maintain this heritage. 

Candidly, I read and listen with great amazement to some of the social media commentaries on the recent measures by President Bio to contain the virus. This is a call to national service. Let us all volunteer to play a positive role in this global fight. Remember, our President has received international accolades for the way and manner he has contained the Corona Virus in Sierra Leone. 

He is the captain of the ship and we must allow him to navigate through this stormy weather toward a berth. 

Reading through Religious teachings and practices, it dawned on me that Prophet and Messengers of God put extra ordinary measures to contain pandemics/plaques during their days. 

Also in ancient times, the following measures were introduced to contain the outbreak of diseases. 

-   worshippers were admonished to pray at home during pandemics. 

-  Sick persons were quarantined 

-  People were prohibited from travel to and from infected areas. 

My brothers and sisters, it is time to educate and sensitize the public. Charity begins at home. Let us start with our respective homes. Denial at this moment could be catastrophic. Corona is real and this third wave is deadly; as you all have witnessed the loss of decent souls in a mysterious manner, it is therefore a clarion call to come on board. 

Diasporas have a significant role to play.  In addition to your usual remittances, you have an invaluable contribution in the sensitization of your respective families back home. Corona does not know boundaries! 

We must all come together to save the country that we love, our Sierra Leone. 

Stop sharing wrong information on social media. 

Pray home! 

Mask up! 

Maintain social distance! 

Save lives! 

Take your vaccine! 

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